SEO/PPC Integrated Case Study Screen Shot


Agari, Headquartered in San Mateo, CA

Type of Site

B2B Software Company (SaaS), offering email security service and software to large corporations. Their primary clients are Fortune 1000 companies.

The Situation came to 180Fusion to solve a unique SEO problem: though they had worked directly with Google and Yahoo! in pioneering DMARC email security technology, they were having difficulty getting their website to show up organically on Page 1 of Google SERPs for DMARC-related keywords. Despite being an obvious authority on the subject and a premier provider of the technology for some of the world’s largest brands, they required professional assistance getting search engine algorithms to recognize them as such.

In addition, Agari sought 180Fusion’s expertise in managing their Adwords account, which had become unprofitable due to high click costs and keywords that were sending “non-buyer” traffic to the website, leading to a Cost-per-Lead of over $800!

The Solution

The 180Fusion SEO team walked Agari through launching a brand new version of their website, ensuring that all previous pages were redirected properly, that the new website’s structure and content was optimized for maximum SEO value, and that there were relevant target pages for the many variants of DMARC-related search phrases. Additionally, strategic link building campaigns, outreach efforts, and editorial schedules were implemented to help them leverage their expertise and press coverage to assist their website’s organic rankings.

Simultaneously, the 180Fusion Adwords team began to trim waste from their Adwords account, expanding negative keywords, re-writing and split testing Ads, and implementing strategic bidding at the keyword level to give priority to high-performing keywords.

The Results

180Fusion was able to push 7 out of the12 targeted search phrases to the first page of Google SERPs, which led to an increase of non-branded search traffic of over 86%in a matter of just 4 months!

Similar results were achieved in the Adwords account, with Conversion Rate, Total Conversions, and Cost-per-Conversion all being dramatically improved in just 90 days: