Q. How much does it cost to become a 180Fusion Partner?

A. Nothing! Getting started is absolutely FREE.

Q. How much time is needed to set up an 180Fusion Partner Account?

A. We can set up your partner account in less than 30 minutes.

Q. Is it possible to view my client's accounts? Does this cost extra?

A. With our client dashboard, you will be able to see all of your current client's accounts and all of their up to date reporting at no extra cost. You will also be able to download all of their reports.

Q. How does the payment process work as a Private Label Partner?

A. As a Private Label Partner, you will handle all billing between you and your client. You will pay us, directly, for all services.

Q. How do references work? Will my clients be used for references?

A. Your clients belong to you and we will never use them for references, our portfolio or testimonials.

Q. What kind of technical knowledge do I need to have to become a partner?

A. As a 180Fusion Partner, you need to know and understand what is included in our SEO Packages and that is all you need to understand. For all technical questions, you can call your dedicated Account Manager for support. 180Fusion also offers free training and educational materials in your client center.

Q. How many 180Fusion Partners do you allow in one geographical area?

A. Since this is an online based service, we have no limit to partners per geographical area as a partner in Texas could be targeting a market in New York.

Q. Do I have a particular sales target or quota to reach every month?

A. No, as a 180Fusion Partner you have no sales quota. Our services are no risk and no consequence is existent for a partner that brings in zero clients.

Q. What is the estimated profit that is available as a 180Fusion Partner?

A. Our clients average a 60-150% profit margin on all packages that they sale - per client.

Q. What is the difference between your Private Label Service and a typical affiliate partnership?

A. A Private Label Partner is like having a SEO department in your office under your company name. You instruct us on services needed and charge your clients "X" amount of money on top of our cost to you. You own your clients and you set your pricing. A typical affiliate program is simply a referral program that requires you to pass your clients off to someone else and they, in turn, offer you a small percentage of the sale.

Q. What happens if my client's website has pre-existing ranking penalties?

A. 180Fusion will work to resolve the ranking penalties with Google; however, sometimes ranking penalties take a heavy toll and are difficult to overcome. If the website continues to struggle in Google during the SEO campaign due to unresolved ranking penalties, then 180Fusion will focus on ranking the website in Yahoo and Bing to drive the maximum amount of organic traffic.